Full Time ( Monthly) 1  Child                                                     €850
4 Day Week (Monthly) 1 Child                                       €765
(12 months and over)
3 Day Week (Monthly)                                                    €625  
(subject to availability)

FREE PRE SCHOOL PLACE AGE 3 plus                                         FREE
If you have a specific request that is not shown above please let us know and we will try to accommodate your times and days.

Our fees are based on a 51 week year.  We close for one week at Christmas. 
We provide all meals for your children throughout the day, including snacks and drinks.  Parents of babies are only asked to provide formula milk, we puree all foods to meet the needs and age of the children.

Breakfast            Dinners  
Rice Crispies                      Sneezies Spaghetti Bolognase
Corn Flakes                        Beef Casserole
Weetabix                            Cool Curry (chicken, cauliflower
Readybrek                          and chickpea)
Toast & Juice                     Gretals Cottage Pie with leek and
                                           potato topping (lamb)        
                                           Fresh Cod Pie
Tea                                 Cheeky Chicken Casserole
Pasta Carbonara                Kiddies Chilli (made with beef, veg
Ham & Cheese toastie       beans and rice)
Soup & Bread                    Tontos Cowboy Pie (minced pork
Hot Dogs                            tomatoes, beans and potato)
Gammon & pineapple        Dinosaur Pie (Vegie bake, broccoli
Pasta Bake                        carrots, cauliflower& potato in a
Beans on Toast                 cheese sauce)
Selection of Sambos &      Nanny's Stew.  Good old Irish stew  Fruit                          made by Nanny Mooney
Hot Dogs                           Tuna Pasta Bake
Pizza                                  Mighty Meatballs with spaghetti & 
Home made beef               garlic bread.
Snacks              Drinks
Fruit Pieces                        Milk,
Banana Sandwich             Filtered Water,
Homemade Scones           Robinson's orange or Blackcurrant and Cream Crackers         Apple Juice,
Yogurts                                Fruit Smoothie
Raisens & Fruit
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